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Unhappy With Your Current Political Options?

Do you find it difficult to associate yourself with either of the two major political parties in the United States today? 

Are you uncomfortable with the extent to which the right wing controls the Republican Party and the left wing controls the Democratic Party? 

Do you often find yourself more comfortable with the Democratic Party on social issues and the Republican Party on economic and tax issues? 

Do you find some aspects of the libertarianism appealing but feel that the government should play a larger role than the libertarians support? 

Are you frustrated with the way the electoral process tends to present the independent voter with, at best, the lesser of two evils?

Are you dismayed by the Democrats antipathy for free markets and the tendency of the Republicans to be more pro-business than pro-free market?

Are you upset by the willingness of both parties to hand out favors to special interest groups in return for money?

Are you frustrated with the inability of our elected officials to hammer out reasonable compromises? 

Are you afraid to vote for third party candidates because it will only succeed in electing the Party you like the least?

Do you feel that divided government may be best because you don't trust either party to govern responsibly?

If you answered "yes" to most of these questions, you may have found a new home with a centrist political party made up of like minded people who want to see the political process work and who do not view themselves as fully liberal or fully conservative. 

Here's What to Do

Please read the Concept statement and review the Party's Platform. Let us know how you feel about the issues raised by clicking: Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, Not Sure, or Don't Care, at the end of each plank.

If you like the Concept and the Platform, you can join the New Independent Party as either a General or as a Governing Member.

Special Note on 2016 Election!

A Message from the Executive Director: 

As we approach the date for absentee voting and early voting, I have been asked what I would recommend as a voting strategy for the up coming election. Here is my personal recommendation for making the best of a bad situation. 

If you live in a state that is not a battleground state, I suggest voting for Gary Johnson the Libertarian Candidate. This will make a statement of disapproval about the choices offered by the two major parties and indicate a preference for a fiscally conservative and socially liberal candidate.

If you live in a state where the election is likely to be very close, I would recommend voting for Hillary Clinton, as the lessor of two evils. Trump's temperment and his positions on trade, immigration, NATO, Russia and a number of other issues make him a truly frightening option for President.

Having said that, Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party have moved to the far left on a number of issues and it would be dangerous if the Democrats held control of the Presidency and the House and the Senate. Since Clinton is likely to win the Presidency, I would suggest voting for Republicans in the House and Senate races in all states in order to deny her as much control as possible.

General Members

You can join as a General Member and add your voice to ours. It's free and you will be able to voice your opinion on the issues raised in the Party's Platform and on the candidates. The vote totals of both Governing and General members will be reported on this website.

Governing Members

You can join the New Independent Party as a Governing Member for a donation of $20 to $200. As a Governing Member you will be able to shape the Platform of the Party, determine which candidates the Party will support, and elect the Board of Governors for the Party. To see how, check out the section on Party Governance.

Donations are NOT deductible for federal income tax purposes.


Notice!: Because of very low levels of interest, in terms of General Member sign up, the New Independent Party has been inactive for the last few years. However, as you might imagine, we have recently been receiving increase activity on the website and increased interest in the organization. If you are interested please sign up as a General Member. We are considering opening up Governing Member status to all General Members. Thank you for your interest.

Join in the Discussion

Both Members and interested visitors are invited to participate in the discussion board on this web site. If you are interested in participating in the discussion go to the New Independent Party Blog  section.

Have a Question? Contact Us.

If you have a question, send us an email, using the form found on the  Contact Us  page or leave a message on the blog.


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