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Americans Elect

A number of folks have mentioned Americans Elect as a possible source for a third party candidate that we might want to support. Americans Elect is an online political organization that is very well funded. They are trying to put a candidate on the ballot for President and Vice President in all 50 states. They have an online process for selecting a candidate and a requirement that the candidate (assuming they accept the nomination) pick someone from another party to run with them as the VP candidate.

While Americans Elect is a noble experiment it has the same problem that all third parties have particularly at the presidential level. Since they are unlikely to actually win in the election their candidate will siphon off votes from the candidate they are most like. If the Americans Elect candidate leans left it will help elect the Republican. If they lean right they will help elect the Democrat. If they are successful enough to deny both candidates a majority in the Electoral College they will toss the Presidential election into the House of Representatives.

It is not inconceivable that the New Independent Party could end up supporting the Americans Elect candidate. In order for this to happen the Board of Governors would have to decide that they had a serious chance of success and put them on the ballot for the Governing Members to vote on. If the Governing Members of our organization then selected that candidate during the Party's online poll then that would be our candidate.

At the moment Ron Paul appears to be a likely candidate from the Americans Elect process. If he were to accept the nomination and gain a significant portion of the vote this would almost certainly hand the election to the Democrats.

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