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Comments on Newt Gingrich

Newt is no Rick Santorum. 

Newt has some good fiscally conservative credentials, but his campaign has been very troubling to date.

At first it seemed that he was not really serious about it, that he was in it to plump up book sales and speaking fees. But he seems to have become the new anti-Mitt focal point and has the skills to be able to hold onto the position much better than his predecessors in the role.

There are two things that trouble me about Newt.

One was amply captured by a cartoon that I think appeared in the Economist, which showed Newt as a hand grenade with his own hand on the pin. He seems prone to making gratuitously inflammatory remarks for the fun of it. This makes for a very entertaining conversationalist, but I'm not sure it is a good characteristic in a world leader or, for that matter, a Presidential candidate.

The other thing that concerns me about Newt is that he has turned populist, attacking Mitt Romney for being a "vulture capitalist"  Putting aside the factual questions with regard to his attack on Romney, it suggests that Newt thinks businesses have an obligation to act as social welfare agencies.

It seems like Newt has gone from a candidate that did not care enough to one who, perhaps, cares too much. So much in fact that he is willing to adopt anti-free market populist rhetoric to stay in the race.

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