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David Walker of the Come Back America Initiative and Americans Elect

David Walker, U.S. Comptroller General from 1998 to 2008, is getting some press as a potential standard bearer for a fiscally conservative, socially moderate bid for the White House. Walker has been mentioned in the last couple of days in editorials by Tom Friedman at the New York Times and Harold Meyerson at the Washington Post.

As Meyerson points out Walker is on the long list of candidates available to support at "Amercans Elect" (see below for discussion of this organization), but then again so is Tom Friedman. Neither one of them seems to have more than a small fraction of the support garnered by Ron Paul, or others, on that sight.

As Meyerson points out Americans Elect appears to be promoting Walker with a positive press release but, by design, Americans Elect has turned the decision of who to support over to its "delegates."  Delegates in the American's Elect process only have to be registered voters, no donation is required.

This situation provides a nice illustration of why the New Independent Party only grants Governing Member status to donors and only empowers Governing Members to amend the Party's Platform once the membership reaches a substantial threshold.

American's Elect appears, at least to me, to have been taken over by Ron Paul supporters at zero cost. Our method for empowering our membership, while not perfect should act to discourage those who do not support most of the initial platform of the Party from joining. As a consequence, the founders of the New Independent Party can be comfortable handing the decision of who the Party will support over to the Governing Membership.

This turn of events also points out to me another failing of Americans Elect that has kept me from joining them. They have no intellectual core, other than bi-partisanship. Perhaps their feeling is that the requirement for their Presidential candidate to choose a running mate of another party is enough to guarantee reasonableness. As I understand it, however, their requirement is just a different party not a major party. One could therefore imagine a Democrat with a Green Party Member or a a Republican with a hard right-wing independent. To me at least, Americans Elect is too much about process and not enough about substance.

Any thoughts?

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