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Just Finished Reading Mitt Romney's Plan

I just finished reading Mitt Romney's economic plan (the 59 point plan). I would agree with most of it. There are some significant areas of difference.

For one thing (as with all Republicans) he wants no increase in net tax revenue of any kind. Obviously we differ on that. Although our position is identical to his absent the externality taxes we discuss in the section on the form of taxes. At this point, I am aware of no political organization other than us that is proposing that alternative.

He is also pretty silent, in the plan, about how he intends to reform Medicare although he alludes favorably to the Ryan plan. I am not sure which Ryan plan he means though, I think the Ryan plan morphed after Mitt endorsed it. Can anyone confirm that?

On the whole in terms of economic policy there is no question that Romney matches up with the New Independent Party Platform better than Obama. I will see if there is a similarly coherent statement out of Newt to review. Any Comments?

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