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Long Range Planning-How to get there from here

People often ask me to name a few fiscally conservative and socially liberal candidates.

It's a hard question to answer, particularly if I restrict myself to current candidates. There are two existing but endangered groups that are likely places to find candidates that the New Independent Party's membership might support. One is the Republican Leadership Council, a PAC set up to promote moderate Republicans who are "fiscally conservative and socially inclusive;" another is the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of fiscally conservative Democrats. I also think that some Tea Party members might be sympathetic to our agenda. It is my understanding that this loosely affiliated group has a core fiscally-conservative agenda and no social agenda. To the extent that that is the case, roughly half of all Tea Party members could well be sympathetic to our agenda. Unfortunately, I don't think the Tea Party has spawned any candidates who would be attractive to our membership. If any one is aware of any Tea Party associated candidates who are socially liberal, libertarian, or even just "socially inclusive," please let me know.

The challenge for all of these groups and the New Independent Party is to get attractive candidates to emerge from the existing nominating process of the major parties. I think that, in order to serve the purpose of growing the pool of attractive candidates, the New Independent Party will eventually have to inject itself into primary politics.

We are a bit late in the current election cycle to do that. In the future, however, I can see a role for the New Independent Party during the primary process, especially in those states that have open, or nearly open, primaries. By identifying candidates early on, we might be able to push the political process to produce some candidates that will be more supportive of views like those in the New Independent Party's Platform.

How that would work in terms of the mechanics of the New Independent Party is hard to say. The primary process is very fluid and it would be difficult to fix a date and take a vote of the Governing Members to decide who to support. Perhaps an open poll could be set up on the web site that listed all candidates registered in the early primaries. Based on the ongoing information from that poll and research conducted by the Party's staff, the Board of Governors could endorse candidates and encourage independent voters in those states to vote for them in the primaries.

Any ideas?

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