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Another organization in the independent political space is "Nolabels." Nolables was co-founded by David Walker mentioned below. I respect the efforts of groups like Nolabels and Americans Elect but I find that in the effort to be non-partisan they lack substance.

Nolabels is focused on a dozen changes that they feel would make government work. For me, and for many others I think, making government work is only a good thing if the substance of what it would be doing is better than nothing. Gridlock may be superior than greasing the skids for a narrow majority of either the Democratic or Republican Party to do what they want. I view the checks and balances in our system as a good thing, not something to be overcome.

That is why the New Independent Party was built around a well defined political agenda. It is my hope that if enough votes and money can be aggregated around that agenda candidates in one or both of the major parties will begin to tilt toward that agenda.

The motto of Nolabels is: "not left, not right, but forward."  For me "forward" is not, by itself, a good direction.

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