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Party Logo

I need a party logo for the web site. Do you have any suggestions?

I think it should be an animal of some kind, since political parties world wide use animals as symbols. Ben Franklin apparently thought the turkey was a better symbol for America than the eagle. Franklin thought that the eagle was a scavenger, who let other animals do the work then swept in and stole their food. He also thought that the eagle was cowardly and could be frightened away by an attack from a sparrow. Unfortunately, the turkey carries a poor connotation today. Franklin also liked the rattlesnake, but I have a hard time warming up to that. The owl is taken by the Modern Whig Party, who, as an aside, are an interesting group. We could do the sparrow, but they have a reputation for aggression that we might not want to associate ourselves with.

I think instead that it should be Goya's sketch: "The Sleep of Reason" It shows a man with his head in his arms asleep being assaulted by monstrous animals. The quote in Spanish on the stone he is sleeping on is translated as "The Sleep of Reasons Produces Monsters."  Goya is a figure of the Spanish Enlightenment who felt that mankind's hope lay in reason and creativity.

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