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Paul Ryan as the Vice Presidential Candidate?

The best thing about the selection of Paul Ryan as the Vice Presidential candidate for the Republican Party is that it focuses the election on the what should be the central issues of this campaign: the budget and the economy.

I don't think I agree with Ryan on every position he has taken on these issues but he deserves praise for taking the issues on in a straightforward manner, when other politicians have hidden their heads in the sand.

He will, no doubt, receive criticism for his positions on Medicare and Medicaid. I would encourage those who are considering these criticisms seriously to ask the critics what their plan is for dealing with the fiscal train wreck that these programs have become.

Two proposals that Ryan appears to support would be in conflict with the New Independent Party's Platform. The first Ryan position that is in conflict with our platform is his support for means testing Social Security. As pointed out in our Platform, Social Security is already progressive in its design both because its benefits are calculated to favor low income participants and because those benefits are exempt from taxation for low income participants and taxed progressively for higher income participants. Further means testing of Social Security seems to us to be unwise because it creates a disincentive for savings and investment.  The second Ryan position that is in conflict with our Platform is his believe that the size of the tax credit to support private health care insurance purchases should be tied to the health status of the individual. We oppose this because it would create a massive amount of bureaucracy to track the health status of individuals and with it a significant opportunity for fraud and abuse.

Despite these differences with Ryan's proposals there are huge areas of agreement between Ryan's positions and those of the New Independent Party.

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