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The Way Forward for Centrists

There appears to be a slow growth of interest in centrist alternatives to the existing political structure in the U.S. Some of this may be fed by displeasure with the current political situation in DC or by surprise at the success of the new centrist party in France. Whatever it is, I sense that there is an opportunity for the emergence of a true centrist movement in the U.S.

A number of sources seem to agree that the best hope is to elect a few independent centrist candidates in the House and/or the Senate. Surprisingly, the easiest target might be the Senate because most House districts have been turned into reliably safe seats for either Republicans or Democrats.

Given how closely the Senate is divided a handful of centrist independents could have a disproportionate influence on legislative outcomes.

Let us know if you are aware of centrist independent candidates in your state for House or Senate seats. 

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