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Trumpism, the Republican Party and the mid term elections

It is not the least bit controversial to note that the politics of Donald Trump do not align well with mainstream Republicanism. That is not a criticism. The politics of the New Independent Party do not align all that well with mainstream Republican, Democratic, or Libertarian thought either. 

The ways in which Trumpism differs are, unfortunately from my point of view, not the ways in which my own views, or the views of the NIP,  differ from those of the existing mainstream parties. Specifically his embrace of economic nationalism, his anti-immigrant views, and his protectionist impulses are all at odds with both the mainstream of the Republican Party and the views of the New Independent Party. I don't believe his positions on these issues have traction with a majority of the American people but they may have enough traction with his base that he can seize control of the Republican Party and bend it in his direction.

It is possible that this will lead to a defeat of the Republican Party at the Congressional level during the mid term election in 2018 and this could be good news.

First let me lay out my favorite fantasy. In this fantasy the Democrats nominate a slate of moderate/centrist candidates and win a majority in both the house and the Senate. Trump discouraged by what this implies about his chances for re-election and anxious to be thought of as effective compromises with them on a variety of issues and there is a normalization of the Presidency. Trump decides to not run in 2020 based on his age and "our long national nightmare" will be over.

My expectation is quite different. The Democrats, goaded by the far left and those who want American politics to be as chaotic and divisive as possible, are likely to nominate a slate of congressional candidates in the mold of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. The vast majority of the electorate will be so turned off by the alternatives facing them that they stay home rather than vote. With low voter turnout the outcome of the mid terms will hinge on which party can motivate its extreme base the best and, whoever wins, we will be in an even worse political environment than we are now.

Will someone please explain to me how I am wrong.

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