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What does success look like for the New Independent Party?

Success for the New Independent Party does not require the end of the two party system.

What I, for one, would like to see is the election of some Democrats who are willing to significantly lower federal spending and curtail entitlement programs in return for some modest broad based tax increases and tax reform; some Republicans who are willing to trade off some modest broad based tax increases in return for those spending reductions and tax reform; some open minded Republicans on social issues; and some Democrats who are willing to show restraint on how high and fast they will push the bar on social issues.

With enough of these people spread around the House and Senate reasonable compromises on the public policy problems facing our country can be achieved. How many will it take?

A handful in the House might be enough, just enough to prevent the party in power from being able to pass anything extreme and enough to allow the party that is out of power to prevail if if offers an attractive alternative. 

In the Senate there have to be enough to permit a successful cloture vote to overcome a "filibuster" and allow a vote. This means that success might require that 20% of each party in the Senate be centrist, in the way in which the New Independent Party defines it.

Is this achievable? I think it is, considering that 18 states have open primaries and a few others have partially open primaries. That combined with the fact that roughly 40% of the electorate is independent creates the potential for a significant powerful centrist swing vote in Congress even in the context of a completely two party system.

The challenge for the New Independent Party and others who would like to see this outcome is to organize at the state level and begin participating in the primary process. we need to support candidates from either party who lean toward the New Independent Party Platform and who, with significant independent voter support, could win their party's primary and the general election.

Any thoughts?

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