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Public Policy and Sexual Misconduct Charges?

(Editor's Note: this is a new thread started by a reader)

Suddenly "sexual harassment" and closely related issues have become a huge issue with power to destroy careers with as little as an accusation. The country needs some kind of national policy and procedure for dealing with it. One part of such a policy needs to be to distinguish degrees of severity. Another is to distinguish between crimes and poor taste. Others are the degree to which if at all the accused is entitled to a presumption of innocence, the need for timeliness of allegations, and appropriate penalties. As it is now, all perceived forms of sexual misconduct are in the court of public opinion considered equally bad, there is no due process, there is no presumption of innocence, allegations do not have to be timely, and the penalty in all cases is dismissal from employment. That is not justice as America defines it.


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