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Why I voted for Ralph Northam in Virginia Governor's Race

Ed Gillespie is a mainline conservative Republican. Ralph Northam is a moderate Democrat. In normal times I would have had difficulty choosing between these two candidates, but these are not normal times. 

Ed Gillespie chose to run a campaign appealing to many of the nativist impulses that helped elect Donald Trump. In hind sight I hope the Republicans realize that this was a terrible mistake since it cost them not only the Governorship, but the Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General spots. More sobering for the Republicans is that it appears to have cost them control over the General Assembly, which has been reliably Republican for a long time. 

Ralph Northam was a reluctant choice for for many Democrats. They nearly went with a far more left wing candidate, supported by the Bernie Sanders wing of the party.

My view was that a vote for Northam was a two-sided message. 

 To the Republicans it was a message to back off from Trumpism, if you hope to win.

To the Democrats it was a message that you can win with more moderate/centrist candidates.

The outcome of this election will be spun in a variety of directions by all sides. Speaking for myself and other centrist voters, who I believe swung this election, the message is move to the center.

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