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The Concept

Why is the Party necessary?


Since the Democratic Party appears to be dominated by the left and the Republican Party by the right wing populists and economic nationalists, we believe a new force is necessary in American politics to draw the candidates toward the political center.  To accomplish that end we have formed the New Independent Party.


We recognize that the concept of the political center in American politics can be hard to pin down. For that reason we have tried, in the Platform presented on this web site, to be as specific as possible about where we stand on the major issues facing America. We believe that the Platform represents the opinion of a very large number of Americans, who feel increasingly alienated by both of the major political parties. Our hope is that the Party will become a focal point for this group and provide them with a vehicle for moving America's public policy debates away from pointless shouting matches between the left and the right and toward the discussion of sensible solutions to our all too real public policy problems.


What will the Party do?


Recognizing that independent party candidates often have undesirable and unintended consequences in the U.S. political system, the Party does not intend to nominate its own candidates for elective office (at least not initially).  It will instead endorse the candidates of other parties based on a polling of the Members of the Party.


In addition to participating in the election process, the Party will actively promote public acceptance of the positions outlined in the Party’s Platform. As part of that effort, this web site will identify the extent to which candidates for public office support the positions taken in the Party’s Platform.


What is the New Independent Party? Isn't the Party really a Political Action Committee (PAC)?


Legally, the New Independent Party is a non-profit, independent or "non-connected," Political Action Committee. It is incorporated in Virginia as a non-stock (non-profit) corporation and is a tax exempt organization under section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code. (Please note: donations to the New Independent Party, like all political donations, are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.) The Party is an "independent expenditure only" PAC, or what is now commonly referred to as a "Super PAC."  This means that it will , eventually, be legally able to raise unlimited funds and use them to support or oppose the election of candidates for federal office and engage in issue advocacy related to those elections.


The principal constraints on Super PAC's are that: 1) once formed, they must register with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), 2) they may not coordinate their efforts with the candidates or the candidates' political party or committees, and 3) they must routinely report to the FEC the names, addresses, occupations and name of employer of donors, who contribute more than $200 per year.  


Despite the fact that we will, legally, be a Super PAC, we prefer thinking of the organization as a political party because we are not focused on a single candidate or a limited set of interests like most Political Action Committees. We also think that the Party should hold open the possibility of running candidates, in the future, if the major party candidates become so extremely left and right wing that a third party candidate would probably win. If the Party decides to run candidates it will be required to apply to the FEC for status as a political party.


Is the focus of the Party national, local or both?


At the moment, participating in elections at the state and local level throughout the U.S. is beyond our capabilities. For that reason, the New Independent Party will be focused on elections for federal office, including members of Congress and the President and Vice President and on issue advocacy driven by the Party’s Platform. Many of the issues addressed in the Party's Platform are primarily state and local responsibilities, such as education. The Party will initially attempt to have an impact on the manner in which the federal government affects these areas. In the long run, we hope to be able to participate in elections at the state and local level and have a more direct impact on the resolution of these issues. If you are interested in forming a state level chapter of the New Independent Party, please contact us.


What is the Party's Platform?


The bulk of this web site is devoted to laying out the Platform of the Party in detail. There are nearly forty planks covering a wide range of public policy problems. Check the Table of Contents if you are looking for our position on a particular issue. There is also a rather lengthy summary of the entire Platform provided in the Platform Summary.  The underlying philosophy governing the construction of the Platform is laid out in the Platform Philosophy.


Although the full Platform covers a wide range of issues, three areas get special focus: 1) the looming U.S. debt crisis; 2) the increasing cost of medical care and health care entitlements in particular;, and 3) the challenge of providing a quality education at a reasonable cost, to keep the U.S. competitive in the global economy.  Our approach to these issues is illustrative of our general approach to all public policy problems.


The Platform attacks the coming debt crisis in the U.S. by raising revenues in new ways that actually improve the market signals in our economy rather than distort them further, as higher taxes on work and investment would do, and uses those new revenues to reduce income taxes and, matched with spending cuts, to reduce the deficit. (See Spending and Taxation; Debt and Deficit Reduction.)


The Platform proposes an economically efficient alternative to Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid that provides market based incentives to curb costs and make health care more affordable, and converts our open ended entitlement programs into predictable defined contribution subsidies for health care insurance. This proposal gives every legal resident in America the ability to get federally subsidized, privately provided health care insurance without  regard to pre-existing conditions and without a mandate to purchase insurance. (See Health Care.)


The Platform also proposes reforms at all levels of the public education process. These reforms include increased compensation for effective teaching (pay for performance), leveraging good teaching with technology, and separating the educational from the certification function in higher education in order to introduce competition into this market. (See Eduction.) 


The underlying theme in the Platform is to accept that government has a significant role in a number of areas of our lives. The Platform attempts to deal with public policy problems in a way that marshals the power of markets and competition to the greatest extent possible. It also attempts to formulate solutions to these problems in a way that respects personal freedom and avoids, as much as possible, using the inherently coercive power of the state.

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