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The Party Platform

The Initial Platform of the NEW INDEPENDENT PARTY is described in this Party Platform section. (Roll over "The Platform" link, to the left, to see the list of issues. There are almost 40 at this point. If you can't see them all, scroll down. If that does not work well for you, click here: Platform: Table of Contents, for a list of all of the planks and links to the web page for each plank.)

The entire Platform is summarized in Platform Summary section. The philosophical principles behind the Platform are discussed in the Platform Philosophy section. A very brief summary of some of the key  elements of the Platform can also be found in the Concept section under: What is the Party Platform?

You may make suggestions for modifications to the existing planks or new planks to be added to the Platform on either the Contact Us page or through the New Independent Party Blog.

Express Your Opinion!
Tell us how you feel about the Party Platform, as a whole, here. You can tell us how you feel about the individual planks on the following pages: