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Foreign Policy and National Defense


Historically, U.S. foreign policy has been far more bipartisan than domestic policy. As such there is less need for the New Independent Party to weigh in on these issues. We are however more than a little concerned that the rise of social media may have created a vehicle  for foreign governments to manipulate American elections in order to influence US foreign policy. We think the best defense against that is a well informed electorate and transparency laws that make it clear if foreign agents are behind social media efforts to influence elections. 


Philosophy on Defense and Foreign Policy Issues


As a general rule, we think that we ought to expect other nations to act in a way consistent with their self interest and therefore are suspicious of policy prescriptions that have the flavor of unilateral disarmament or leading by example and expecting others to follow. At the same time, we believe that we ought not to violate our own principles in the pursuit of tactical advantages in international conflicts. We believe that our unique history does create a form of American exceptionalism and America is and should be a force for good in the world.



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