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Other International Issues


The following list of countries, regions, and issues is meant to prompt thought on the part of others who believe there is a point of view that we should promote. The list is in no particular order, so don’t read anything into the sequence. The list is also incomplete. Please don't read anything into the absence of an issue or country. We will eventually develop platform planks in all of these and other areas and issues.




China (apart from the trade issue)


Islamic World:  Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, The Middle East, North                Africa


Non-state terrorist groups: e.g. Al Queda, Hamas and Hezbollah




Western Europe


The European Union


Eastern Europe



           Western Hemisphere








               Other Central or South American Countries


Foreign Aid



      North Africa

      Sub Saharan Africa

Asia (apart from China and  Japan)

UN and International Conflict Resolution


Genocide and other Human Rights Issues


Exporting Democracy

Nuclear Proliferation

Express Your Opinion!

If you have a point of view on these or other questions, domestic or international, that you think should be addressed in the Platform, send us a comment. You can do that on either the Contact Us page or on the Blog page.