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Same Sex Marriage


We believe that the Supreme Court's decision establishing a constitutional right to marriage regardless of sexual orientation is unlikely to ever be overturned. 

Our feeling is that this outcome was, for all practical purposes, inevitable.  If the court had not decided that a constitutional right to same sex marriage existed, it would have decided that states were obligated to enforce marriage contracts entered into in other states. In the end this would, eventually, have led to the same outcome. 

The cases for and against a constitutional right to same sex marriage both have merit, in our view, but it is settled law now and it is time to move on.

However, we do not support laws requiring vendors to provide services for same sex marriages, if they object to doing so. We could be persuaded to change this position, if there was evidence of broad based discrimination against same sex couples that made it difficult for them to receive these services in the absence of government intervention. That kind of evidence was abundant, with respect to African-Americans, prior to the passage of the 1964 civil rights act. We are not persuaded that the same situation exists today for same sex couples.

Amended 6-11-17.  The poll below may not accurately reflect preferences for the current position. We will reset the counter in the near future.



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